CLEAR REAR TAIL MODS (with pics and instructions)

It's finally here!!!

2000 Porsche Boxster
Arctic Silver/Black/Black
(other specs of interest: 49,500 miles, 18" Sport Classic II wheels, white face gauges, brushed interior pieces)

Delivered March 3rd, 2004 by Exotic Car Transport

Here it is hiding behind the blanket. You can see that it traveled in good company - underneath it on the truck was a BRAND NEW Rolls Royce Phaeton or whatever it's called, and ahead of that a new Lambo. I hope they didn't pick on the "cheap" Boxster too much on the trip! LOL

And here it is coming off the truck:

And now in my garage:

Now of course, I know ALL the PPBB'ers are saying to themselves, "MAN I wish he'd ditch the orange!" - well, I am. I ordered the parts before the car was even here. The rear tails, and sides will be cleared up in no time, although, I sort of like the orange on the sides, so I may keep that - looks kinda neat. The silver is the BEST (and fastest) color, but does get awful "bland" without any other coloring. I'll have to experiment.

Other mods in the plans: