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What are "silver bulbs" - FAQ

In short, silver bulbs are normal turn signal bulbs (typically amber) that have been electroplated with a very thin layer of chrome finish, giving them a silver look. When the bulbs are not lit they appear clear inside the light unit, but are really like a mirror reflecting everything around it. When lit they are bright orange just like the lights currently in your vehicle today.

The reason "silver bulbs" are so popular is because they remove the fried egg effect that the amber bulbs give the crystal headlight and taillight units. The fried egg effect is named that because the crystal light with the amber bulb looks like a fried egg - white all around, with the orange yolk in the middle.

- Can I use silver bulbs on my car?
- Silver bulbs don't work in every application. They only work in cars where the current bulbs are amber and you can clearly see where the orange glow ruining the clean look.

- Are silver bulbs legal?
- YES! Silver bulbs shine very brightly and will not cause anyone else to not see them.

- I've seen other silver bulbs that have been hand painted with windows on them, are these like those?
- NO! Our silver/chrome bulbs are the real deal. The entire bulb is electroplated with the silver finish and light comes through 100% of the bulb surface, not just windows that have been left un-painted.

- Sylvania and Philips also make products that claim to take away the fried egg effect. Why should I buy yours?
- The Sylvania and Philips lights do in fact get rid of the fried egg effect, however they do so with a blue bulb that lights up orange. Think of it as having a blue yolk in your fried egg instead of a clear one ;-)